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Roof Cleaning 101

Roof Cleaning 101

Roof stains on a home in Peachtree City, GA
1 Jan

Roof Cleaning 101

Over the past few years it has become popular to clean a home’s roof. A roof clean is very beneficial to homeowners. Let’s discuss the process, proper cleaning techniques, and benefits of roof cleaning.

What’s Eating Your Roof?

No matter the type of roof a home has, over time there will be a build up of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Shingle, Tile, Slate, Metal, Cedar Shake, and Flat roof are all susceptible to this build up. The living organisms attach themselves to the roof and begin destroying the roof. While mostly noticed by the black streaks we see on the roof, the bacteria is growing well before then. Due to the absence of sun, the bacteria thrives on the north face of the home. By the time the black streaks become visible, the bacteria have already began eating the roof protection. The moisture and rain only feed the inhabitants more. Calling a professional roof cleaner like Clean Solutions Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing is the first step to protecting your roof.

Proper Roof Clean Techniques

NEVER USE HIGH PRESSURE FOR ROOF CLEANING! If a contractor is using a pressure wand or surface cleaner to clean your roof, stop them. They are likely not certified or trained to provide professional roof cleaning.

ARMA shingle manufacturer gives specific guidelines to follow for roof cleaning and we follow them strictly. As a result, Clean Solutions uses a low pressure chemical applicator to apply a bleach based detergent. Also, we add a surfactant to provide “cling”; which will hold the detergent to help clean the roof surface to its core. Finally, we rinse the roof surface and all plants, or grass in the work area.

Benefits of Roof Cleaning

  1. Lowers energy cost.
  2. Destroys 100% of mold, mildew, and black streaks on roof.
  3. Manufacturer recommended.
  4. Ensures roof life.
  5. Increase curb appeal to home.

Click here for more information on roof cleaning. Call or text 678-827-2775 for a free estimate.


Roof Cleaning 101
Article Name
Roof Cleaning 101
Want to know how to remove those black stains & roof streaks? Does your roof have moss or algae growth? We break down what is eating your roof & how to remove 100% of the bacteria. Find out the proper cleaning techniques & benefits of a roof cleaning by certified professionals.
Eric Holmes
Clean Solutions Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing
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