Wood Cleaning

Natural honey stain to protect this wood against the elements. This deck was cleaned and stained in Newnan, Ga. South Arbor Shores

Wood is a great upgrade to enhance the beauty of a home. For instance, adding a wood deck in the backyard or a wood fence to increase security and privacy. Over time, the appearance of the wood is affected by the elements. Rain, snow, sun light, and everyday “wear & tear” all cause premature wood life.

The first sign of aging wood is color change. Wood becomes gray in color after it loses its protection from the elements. To prevent the wood surface from further damage such as cracking, bowing, or becoming brittle; we apply a stain sealer. In cases where a wood fence or deck is near moisture and plant life mold, mildew, and algae can begin to grow. At this point, cleaning the wood surface and applying a stain is the best solution for this problem.

Clean Solutions Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing is your top choice for a professional wood restoration. We use proper cleaning method such as, low-pressure, brightening/neutralizing detergents to remove the gray layer from the woods surface. HIGH PRESSURE SHOULD NEVER BE USED ON WOOD! After the wood is fully dried, we apply an oil-based stain. As a result, the wood is protected against the elements.

Benefits of Wood Cleaning & Restoration

  • Extends life of wood.
  • Renews the appearance of wood.
  • Prevents premature replacement.
  • Prevents cracked and bowed wood.
  • Removes any mold, mildew, or algae.
  • Provides a new layer of protection with stain application.

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