Dryer Vent Cleaning

A dryer vent cleaning should be performed once a year to prevent dryer vent fires

Have you had your dryer vent cleaning lately? If your answer is no, you should consider having it done ASAP. That lint that is building up in your dryer vent can start a fire, endangering your home and family. Yes, your home actually has a better chance of catching on fire from a lint filled dryer vent than an obstructed chimney!

The blockages that may exist in your dryer vent are not from the trap that you routinely clean out but rather, a build up of lint along the dryer’s ductwork leading to your home’s exterior. Because we can’t see the inside of the ductwork, it often is forgotten but should be cleaned annually.

Often times, people don’t realize there is a blockage until it is too late. This is a common mistake that can cause loss of personal property or even a life by a fire caused by lint build up.

When Do I Need Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Sometimes, there are signs of a blockage, which include; dryer overheating, the dryer is hot to touch or it may take longer for clothes to dry if the duct is clogged. Don’t wait for one of these signs to appear. Consider scheduling your annual dryer vent cleaning today, before it’s too late.

Annual dryer vent cleaning has become increasingly necessary due to the way homes are constructed today. Today’s homes often have dryers in locations far away from an outside wall like bathrooms, kitchens or even closets. While this does give an added convenience for the homeowner, it also increases the risk of fire caused by dryer vents due to the additional lengths of ductwork needed to access an outside wall. This additional length creates more places where not only lint but even birds or animals can nest.

Fire protection is not the only benefit of having annual dryer vent cleanings. Keeping your dry vent clean will also; help reduce energy costs, shorten drying times and increase the usable life of your dryer, just to name a few.

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