• Pressure washing the front steps of a home in Fayetteville, Ga
  • Removing the bacteria from the steps with a low pressure washing method
  • Driveway in Peachtree City, Ga in need of professional washing
  • Expert pressure washing results in Peachtree City, Ga
  • Newnan, Ga patio deck that will need concrete black bacteria & mildew removal.
  • Newnan pressure washing on concrete to clean black stains.

Pressure Washing

Are you seeking a professional pressure washing company to provide expert service? Clean Solutions has all certified sales and certified technicians to meet or exceed your expectations for exterior cleaning. Many clients wonder, what is the difference between soft washing and pressure washing? Also, when is one more effective than the other. We understand your concerns and strive to better equip our company with the best cleaning technology and insuring that our employees meet the standards of exterior cleaning organizations such as the UAMCC. As a result, our technicians are trained and certified by the UAMCC. We offer pressure washing services in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Newnan, Atlanta, and surrounding areas. Call or text 678-827-2775 to receive a free estimate on any pressure washing services you may need. 

When Do I Need Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is and should only be used on hard surfaces such as: concrete, brick, driveway cleaning, and patios. The level of pressure should be adjusted to fit each cleaning scenario being faced. Although these are hard and more durable surfaces, damage could still occur if not cleaned properly. Many non-certified contractors attempt to blast black mildew stains or green algae away using water and high pressure. As a result, concrete etching or brick mortar loss occurs. This damage is often times more expensive to replace or repair than it would be to hire a professional pressure washing company. We remove black stains, algae growth, and rust stains from your concrete, driveway, or brick surfaces. We use our expert cleaning methods to clean safely with no damage. Find out more information on power washing services here…

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Project Details

Client : J. Jone, R. Williams, D. Haralson

Location : Peachtree City, Ga; Fayetteville, Ga; Newnan, Ga

Category : Pressure Washing

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