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Summer Pressure Washing in Newnan, GA

Summer Pressure Washing in Newnan, GA

Summer Pressure Washing in Newnan, GA

Pressure Washing in Newnan, GA

Clean Solutions is your best choice for pressure washing in Newnan, GA. While Spring has set in and brought warm weather and sunshine, Summer is fast approaching. This time of year, your home will entertain many guests. Summer fun is all about barbeques and relaxing by the pool. Would you want to fire up the grill or have your guest see your home with mold and mildew growing on the surface?

Homeowners in Newnan, GA can trust Clean Solutions with safely pressure washing their homes. To prevent damage to your home, we use a soft wash cleaning method. As a result, we clean deeper and give longer lasting results. Because of our cleaning method, we are able to spray on our bio-degradable detergents. This detergent breaks down the stain completely. After the stain is broken down, we wash it away with a low-pressure rinse. An expert power washing company will quickly recognize the type of stains on your home or exterior surface and offer the best solution against it.


Mold, Mildew, and Black Streak Removal

Mold, mildew, and black streaks can not be removed using water alone. Water will actually feed the organisms and cause them to grow back faster and more noticeable. A non-certified pressure washer will try to use high pressure to try to remove the growth. As a result, damage to delicate surfaces such as stucco or brick mortar are likely. In the video we show the low pressure method we use to remove 100% of the stains safely from the brick retaining wall. This same method is what we use on all surfaces and roof cleaning.

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