Hood Cleaning

Hood Cleaning Atlanta, Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Fairburn, Newan, Georgia

For the food industry, maintaining a clean workplace isn’t just good for business – it’s essential. Clean Solutions provides commercial hood cleaning services that will bring safety, sanitation, and professionalism to your kitchen. We offer hood cleaning in Atlanta & Metro-Atlanta locations including, but not limited too; Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Newnan, Fairburn, Marietta, and more.

What Sets Our Service Apart

Clean Solutions is committed to delivering a hood cleaning service that will address all of the priorities of your business. These include:

  • Free No Obligation Inspection: A complete checklist of all accessible elements of the kitchen exhaust components.
  • A Safe Workplace: Fifty-nine percent of commercial kitchen fires are triggered by unsafe cooking conditions. Clean Solutions hood cleaning service ensures that your restaurant’s biggest tool is an asset – and not a safety hazard.
  • Complete Code Compliance: Local and federal regulations are rigorous. In order to keep your business running smoothly, our team provides solutions that maintain compliance with fire and safety codes. As a result, your food service endeavor can stay in business safely.
  • A Lasting First Impression: Customers are drawn to businesses that feel clean, appealing, and professional.
  • Top-To-Bottom Clean: Our cleaning process is fast, efficient, and detailed to clean all accessible elements of your exhaust system. From the fan to the hood range, we clean your components to NFPA-96 compliance.

The Importance of Hood Cleaning

The important reason, most of all, to have regular hood cleaning maintenance, is to protect your customers, employees, and business. By having your kitchen exhaust system maintained regularly, you are removing a key element that fuels fire… GREASE!!!

In addition, more benefits of hood cleaning are:

  • NFPA-96 Compliant: Guidelines & requirements to prevent fire hazards
  • Keeps Your Business Profitable: If a code inspector finds your business not in compliance, there could be fines assessed or worse; your business shut down.
  • Reduces Kitchen Odor: By removing build-up of grease, food, or birds that may have been caught in the exhaust fan.
  • Lowers Insurance Cost: By being in compliance with federal and state guidelines.
  • Prolongs The Life of Vent Hood Components: Preventive maintenance and finding issues before they cause problems.

Our Hood Cleaning Service

Clean Solutions serves customers of varying sizes. We approach the kitchen of a small sit-down restaurant differently than a fast food restaurant. Due to this factor, we customize our services and maintenance packages to fit the needs of the business.

We tailor the service plan, but it will always contain the same outcome: We deliver a safe, inviting, and code-compliant place to run your business successfully. In order to provide a superior result, we use:

  • Powerful cleaners that break down and remove grease, food buildup, and other debris
  • Cutting edge technology that allows us to work meticulously on your space
  • Safety protocol to protect the quality of your workplace and its staff

Your hood is an investment and it stands at the center of your business’s success. Clean Solutions provides a full system of cleaning and maintenance to promote a safer, more inviting space. Get your free estimate today and protect the long-term value of your business!


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