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Window Cleaning in Peachtree City

Window Cleaning in Peachtree City

Window Cleaning in Peachtree City

I recently had the pleasure to provide our window cleaning service to a member of our client family in Peachtree City, Ga. I actually witnessed this house being built from the ground so I was excited to serve the owner. Because I knew I was the first contractor outside the builders to make an impression on him. The client asked some very important questions: “How long does it take for windows to get dirty?” and “How many times should they cleaned?” Before I answer those questions, lets discuss how we clean them.

Why Hire a Window Cleaning Professional?

Window washing is not rocket science so it’s safe to say anyone can do it. A few deciding factors such as a home with multiple stories may cause a homeowner to call a professional. Changing the degree of difficulty can create hazards. A typical homeowner doesn’t keep thirty or forty feet poles in their garage for three story window cleaning.

The process Clean Solutions uses to clean windows is similar to our application for house pressure washing. Dirt and grime is broken up by our cleaning agent. In addition, we also use microfiber cloth to clean glass and around the window seal. After our final rinse, we allow the windows to dry to a streak free clean.

How Often Should I Have Window Cleaning Done?

As owner of a service company, I would prefer everyone to clean their windows every month. But realistically, a homeowner should have the service one or more times a year depending on certain factors. Lastly, there is no certain time for windows to get dirty or stained. Windows near a tree may become dirty in a week. Windows with no exposure to mother nature may stay cleaner longer.

If you have any questions or would like an estimate for window cleaning, call or text 678-827-2775

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